More Donald Trump Playboy softcore video appearances uncovered.

Donald Trump Was in Some More Porns

Donald Trump Was in Some More Porns

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Oct. 5 2016 4:53 PM

Donald Trump Was in Some More Porns

Trump on the job in 1994.

Screenshot/CNN/Playboy’s Apparently Extensive Archive of Trump-Related Softcore

Remember last week, when Donald Trump said former Miss Universe winner Alicia Machado was "disgusting" because she appeared in a "sex tape"? (He was seemingly referring to an appearance on a Spanish reality TV show in which Machado apparently had sex with another contestant.) And remember how BuzzFeed then revealed that Trump himself had appeared (with his clothes on) in a softcore porn that Playboy released in the year 2000? Well, that BuzzFeed investigative team works for CNN now, and they have found Trump appearances in two more works of naked-lady artistry:

CNN's KFILE has now uncovered two more Playboy videos in which Trump makes an appearance, including one in which he is depicted photographing fully clothed models with a Polaroid camera and conducting an interview with a potential Playmate. ... Trump also appeared briefly in a 2001 Playboy video centered on a fashion show.

The article notes that non-Trump scenes in one of the videos depict "fully nude women" and that the other video involves "nude women seductively rubbing themselves in different scenarios." Seductive Rubbing Scenarios for president!