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The Wednesday Slatest Newsletter

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Dec. 16 2015 4:05 PM

The Wednesday Slatest Newsletter

Rubio 'n' Cruz.

Photos by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Sharp exchanges between Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio over immigration and electronic surveillance were the highlight of Tuesday's Republican debate in Las Vegas; Slate's Josh Voorhees thinks that while Rubio was strong, Cruz was the night's overall winner. In other news:

  • In the wake of several high-profile shootings involving assault weapons, public support for a ban on assault weapons is ... lower than ever.
  • A lot of people are bringing up the first Gulf War as a potential model for defeating ISIS, but the analogy is not a great one.
  • The FBI says the San Bernardino shooters' online discussions of jihad involved private DMs rather than public posts.
  • It looks like Congress has reached a budget deal and will avoid any government-shutdown-related drama this year.
  • And an Internet celebrity condemned the "pussification" of the United States via a photo that depicted him eating grapes and drinking bottled water with Donald Trump in a luxury suite.

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