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The Thursday Slatest Newsletter

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Oct. 22 2015 3:50 PM

The Thursday Slatest Newsletter

From today's hearing in Washington, D.C.

Screen shot/C-SPAN

Hillary Clinton is making a highly anticipated appearance on the Hill today taking Congressional questions about Benghazi; Slate's Hillary expert, Josh Voorhees, is doing a live blog that's distilling the most important takeaways out of the partisan fluff. Foreign-affairs columnist Joshua Keating, meanwhile, notes that the city of Benghazi itself is the primary battleground in Libya's still-ongoing civil war. For background, here's an explainer-style guide to the entire Benghazi affair, and if you prefer GIFs to words, here's the single image of Bored Hillary that sums up the day's level of political discourse. In other news:


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