NSA Fort Meade shooting report: Car may have attempted to run gate.

Shots Fired, Death Reported at Gate Near NSA Fort Meade Campus

Shots Fired, Death Reported at Gate Near NSA Fort Meade Campus

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March 30 2015 11:23 AM

Shots Fired, Death Reported After Car Tries to Ram Gate Near NSA Fort Meade Campus

Monday morning at Fort Meade.

Screen shot/CNN

Details are sketchy at this point, but reports indicate that shots were fired and one person killed after men in a stolen car attempted to ram a gate at Fort Meade in Maryland. The National Security Agency’s headquarters are located at Fort Meade. From NBC News:

Gunfire erupted Monday morning at the gate of the National Security Agency's facility at Fort Meade in Maryland when two men disguised as women in a stolen car tried to enter, sources said.
A guard intervened and shot at least one of the men in the Ford Escape. A search of the vehicle turned up a gun and some drugs.

CNN says one of the men was killed and the other wounded. The AP is also passing on a “preliminary” report of one death.

Fort Meade is a large Army-run complex between Washington, D.C., and Baltimore that is home to a number of intelligence-related federal organizations in addition to the NSA.


Screen shot/Google Maps