Rand Paul helps Harry Reid recover from eye surgery.

Rand Paul and Harry Reid Had a Moment Today

Rand Paul and Harry Reid Had a Moment Today

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March 18 2015 1:42 PM

Rand Paul and Harry Reid Had a Moment Today


Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

It’s unusually warm and fuzzy on Capitol Hill today. Politico’s Burgess Everett reports that Sen. Rand Paul—a future Republican 2016 presidential contender—and Democratic Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid had a moment on the floor of the Senate on Wednesday, which ended with Reid praising Paul for his kindness.  

Reid missed the beginning of the 114th Congress after injuring his eye in a January exercise mishap. The pugilist-turned-powerbroker initially feared that he wouldn’t regain vision in one eye. He had eye surgery a few weeks later, and currently sports a pair of glasses with one shaded lens. Paul’s kindness was giving Reid advice on how to fully recover.


Having Paul as a colleague may be a stroke of luck for the Reid. The Kentucky Tea Party favorite is also an ophthalmologist, and recently traveled to Guatemala on a humanitarian eye-doctoring mission. So Paul can now add the scrappy Senate minority leader to his list of benefactors. Reid praised him on the floor of the Senate, calling him “thoughtful, considerate, and kind.”