French National Assembly "Marseillaise": Anthem breaks out during memorial moment for Charlie Hebdo (VIDEO).

French Legislators Spontaneously Sing “Marseillaise” (Video)

French Legislators Spontaneously Sing “Marseillaise” (Video)

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Jan. 13 2015 10:10 AM

French Legislators Spontaneously Sing “Marseillaise” After Moment of Silence for Attack Victims

The National Assembly.

Screen shot/LCP

The lower house of France’s parliament, the National Assembly, is meeting Tuesday to discuss terrorism issues. During/after a moment of silence to memorialize the 17 victims of France’s recent attacks, one of the députés began singing “La Marseillaise,” the country’s national anthem, and the rest of the chamber joined in.

Update, Jan. 13, 10:55 a.m.: Our colleagues at note that this is the first time députés have sung “La Marseillaise” in the National Assembly since 1918.