EPA porn addict not fired: Employee with "two to six" hour per day habit still on the payroll.

EPA Still Hasn’t Fired Employee With Epic at-Work Porn Habit

EPA Still Hasn’t Fired Employee With Epic at-Work Porn Habit

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Sept. 16 2014 4:44 PM

EPA Still Hasn’t Fired Employee Whose at-Work Porn Habits Were Discussed by Congress in May

EPA official Bob Perciasepe said he was waiting for an official report before firing the individual in question.

Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images

Back in May, in the “old days” when we used to think that you'd get fired if your two-to-six-hours-per-day at-work pornography consumption schedule was discussed in front of Congress, an Environmental Protection Agency official testified that he needed to wait for an official report before firing an employee who was observed in person watching pornography on a work computer and subsequently admitted to watching between two and six hours of pornography at work every day. Apparently they're way backed up down at the official report factory, because Dr. Government Job Porno Enthusiast Ph.D is still getting paid. From Environment & Energy Publishing:

The staffer is on administrative leave but still receiving his salary, according to EPA spokeswoman Liz Purchia. "This employee continues to be investigated by the [Office of the Inspector General] and U.S. Attorney's Office, and we are working with these offices to obtain information necessary to move forward with administrative action," she said.

The identity of the employee—who makes $120,000 a year—has not been disclosed, but everyone seems to be operating on the assumption that said employee is a man, which is a fair assumption.

Correction: It's a very fair assumption. It is the cover story of Fair Assumption Magazine's 100th anniversary issue. It is the fairest assumption in the 4.54-billion-year history of Earth.

Please fire the EPA porn guy.