Six Flags ride stuck: Joker's Jinx is jinxed.
Six Flags Riders Stuck for Five Hours on Roller Coaster Called “Joker's Jinx”
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Aug. 11 2014 1:38 PM

Six Flags Riders Get Stuck for Five Hours on a Roller Coaster Called “Joker's Jinx”

From the scene at Six Flags.

Courtesy of CBS Baltimore

Two dozen patrons of a Six Flags in Maryland were both jokered and jinxed Sunday when a ride called "Joker's Jinx" stranded them 75 feet in the air for roughly five hours. No injuries were reported. From the Washington Post:

Firefighters set up a 105-foot tower ladder to reach the track and removed some of the fencing around the ride to access the cars, Bashoor said. They removed people from the ride by bucket, placing safety harnesses on the riders before lowering them one car at a time.

If you're trying to picture what happened, here's some video of a bucket-topped ladder in action:

Responders brought the stranded passengers water, umbrellas, and sunblock to keep them from becoming sun-stricken.

The cause of the stoppage hasn't yet been determined, but the possibility that either a joke or a jinx was at work "has not been ruled out," authorities say.*

*No one actually said that.

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