Kim Jong-un dance video displeases North Korea.

Kim Jong-un Dancing at Things

Kim Jong-un Dancing at Things

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July 22 2014 6:02 PM

Viral Video Features Kim Jong-un Dancing at Things

The North Korean government doesn’t really do tomfoolery—particularly when it comes to its leader, Kim Jong-un. They’ve been known to push back pretty hard even when it comes to the most farcical. The latest round of Kim Jong-un-based humor comes from China. The photoshopped video of Kim’s head onto different bodies bobbing and weaving, dancing and fighting, with other world leaders, including President Obama, is a hit in China where, the BBC reports, “[i]t was uploaded to the Chinese video-sharing site Tencent, where it's been watched more than 55 million times.”

The South Korean daily, Chosun Ilbo, reports that North Korea’s not too fired up about the portrayal of their guy.

North Korea has asked China to stop the spread of a video clip lampooning leader Kim Jong-un. According to a source in China on Tuesday, the North feels the clip, which shows Kim dancing and Kung-Fu fighting, "seriously compromises Kim's dignity and authority." Beijng was unable to oblige.

Whether or not that’s exactly the case, it certainly wouldn’t be out of character for the reclusive, thin-skinned nation. There has been no comment as of yet—that I’m aware of—from the White House on Obama’s moves.