GM recall total: 29 million cars and counting in 2014.

GM Has Recalled Three Percent of the World's Cars This Year

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June 30 2014 5:53 PM

GM Has Recalled Three Percent of the World's Cars This Year

GM CEO Mary Barra at a Congressional hearing.

Mark Wilson/Getty Images

General Motors recalled 8.45 million cars today for what Bloomberg News describes as "defects including ignitions and electrical malfunctions," bringing the total number of vehicles it's recalled this year amidst widespread problems with its ignition switches to a staggering 29 million.

Three fatalities have been reported in the vehicles affected, the company says, but it's not clear whether the flaws identified by the company actually caused those crashes. The company fired 15 people earlier this month for failures related to the recalls.

There are an estimated 1 billion cars operating worldwide, which means that this year GM has recalled almost three percent of all the cars in the world.

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