Clinton speaking fees: Chart conveys extent of Clinton's $100 million second career.
Bill Clinton's Amazing $100 Million Speaking Career, in Chart Form 
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June 27 2014 10:44 AM

Bill Clinton's Amazing $100 Million Speaking Career, in Chart Form

From 2012.

Ron Sachs - Pool/Getty Images

The Washington Post, perhaps inspired by the recent mini-controversy over Hillary Clinton's alleged rich-person out-of-touchness, has a thorough report on Bill Clinton's high-paying speaking career. He's made $104.9 million on an amazing 542 speeches in locations ranging from the United States to China to Israel to Nigeria. The Post has also put the data in nifty graphic form—you can mouse over each data point, one per speech, to found out where and when it took place and how much Clinton made. The ocean of dots makes its own striking point about how much money is available for those willing to cash in on their experience in public service:


Washington Post

Okay, well, maybe you need to see the whole thing at once to get the true experience.

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