Jogger baby Houston: Genesis Haley found after apparent car theft.

Jogger Finds Baby

Jogger Finds Baby

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June 23 2014 5:48 PM

Jogger Finds Baby

Genesis Haley after being found.


A jogger in Houston was surprised to hear cries in the distance on Monday morning — she had no idea that a massive search had been launched for an 8-month-old baby girl, who had been kidnapped hours earlier.
Hong Nguyen, 34, followed the cries because she was sure the sounds were coming from a child. "It was human sounds, not animal sounds," she told NBC News.
She sifted through the surrounding brush and found little Genesis Haley still strapped in her car seat in a field near the side of the road.

Young Haley had been in her mother's car at a gas station when the car was apparently stolen; police said the mother had left the car unattended for just seconds, heading inside to pay, before it was taken.

The eight-month-old was taken to a hospital but does not to appear have been harmed during the incident.

Always watch for vehicle traffic and babies while jogging.