Watergate "Deep Throat" parking garage scheduled for demolition.
World's Most Famous Parking Garage Will Be Torn Down
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June 16 2014 11:45 AM

World's Most Famous Parking Garage Will Be Torn Down

This parking space in Rosslyn, Virginia—32D—is where Bob Woodward met with W. Mark Felt.

Photo by Jim Watson/AFP/Getty Images

The northern Virginia parking garage where the Watergate informant known as Deep Throat met with Washington Post reporter Bob Woodward will be demolished, Reuters reports:

The board voted to let Monday Properties replace its two 12-story, 1960s-era buildings with a residential tower and a commercial building.
The county will save the historical marker it erected in 2011 at the garage. The landowner has pledged to create a commemorative memorial to the Watergate events.

Deep Throat turned out to be an FBI official named W. Mark Felt, who died in 2008.

It remains remarkable that one of the most legendary figures in American history was named after a pornographic actress's physiological capacity for performing fellatio.

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