Al-Qaida Iraq: Mosul, Fallujah controlled by militants.
By the Way, "Al-Qaida-Inspired Militants" Now Control Two Major Iraqi Cities
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June 10 2014 11:57 AM

By the Way, "Al-Qaida-Inspired Militants" Now Control Two Major Iraqi Cities

Iraq's government declared a state of emergency after the events in Mosul. Above, a policeman in Baghdad searches a car.


Sunni militants took over the city of Mosul—one of the largest in Iraq—today. From the Wall Street Journal:

Government forces fled the northern city of Mosul in disarray as hundreds of well-armed militants overran government buildings, television stations and military bases where U.S.-supplied heavy weaponry is stored...
"The whole of Mosul collapsed today. We've fled our homes and neighborhoods, and we're looking for God's mercy," said Mahmoud Al Taie, a dentist. "We are waiting to die."

The rebel group, Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham, or ISIS, already controls the city of Fallujah. The group was once allied with al-Qaida, but al-Qaida disavowed that association in February, apparently via a surreal public statement that complained about ISIS' failure to meet appropriate standards of "teamwork."

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