Shooting at Seattle Pacific University.
Shooting Reported at Seattle Pacific University
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June 5 2014 7:28 PM

Shooting Reported at Seattle Pacific University

On Thursday afternoon, a gunman appears to have opened fire at Seattle Pacific University, wounding as many as eight people. At least one victim is in critical condition. The Seattle Times reports that the sole suspect is in custody and that all of the victims survived the gunfire. The school remains on lockdown. 

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Twitter as already lit up with pictures of the possible suspect, but details remain hazy. The only eyewitness report thus far comes from a student:

Brianna Clarke, a SPU graduating senior, said she heard two muffled sounds, which she thought was an experiment from a chemistry professor. She walked out of the room and saw someone running, yelling “someone is down.”
She said she walked out of the building and saw people on the ground, “not moving.”

***Update, 8:15 PM: KIRO now reports that one victim has died, two have life-threatening injuries, and two are in stable condition. 

We'll keep you updated as more news arrives.