Aaron Hernandez drive-by: Double murder victims were allegedly followed out of Boston club.

Aaron Hernandez Indicted for 2012 Drive-By Double Murder

Aaron Hernandez Indicted for 2012 Drive-By Double Murder

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May 15 2014 1:10 PM

Aaron Hernandez, Indicted in 2012 Drive-By Double Murder, Allegedly Stalked Victims as They Left Club

Hernandez at a previous court appearance.

Photo by Jared Wickerham/Getty Images

Ex-NFL player Aaron Hernandez, currently awaiting trial for the 2013 murder of Odin Lloyd, was indicted today for his alleged involvement in the 2012 drive-by murder of two men in Boston. The Washington Post has a timeline of events from the night of the shooting. A synopsis:

- Midnight: Hernandez and another man enter a Boston club directly behind a group of five men.


- Midnight to 12:10 a.m.: Hernandez and associate go downstairs, out of range of security cameras.

- 12:10 a.m.: Hernandez and associate come back upstairs, where cameras apparently show them doing nothing of interest.

- 1 a.m.: Hernandez and associate leave the club and drive off in an SUV.

- 2 a.m.: The five men who had entered the club in front of Hernandez leave the club. The SUV Hernandez left in drives past them twice while they are walking away.

- The five men get into in a BMW. At an intersection a few blocks away, six bullets are fired into the BMW, killing two of the men inside. Witnesses near the shooting report seeing an SUV matching the description of the one Hernandez left the club in.

The SUV in question was later found at a home owned by Hernandez's uncle.

It's not clear what Hernandez's motive was in the 2012 shooting, but a district attorney told the Boston Globe that it was the result of the "chance encounter" between the victims and Hernandez at the club.

According to past reports, authorities are looking into the possibility that Odin Lloyd's knowledge of the 2012 incident may have led to his death.