Newborn twins "holding hands": sisters shared amniotic sac.

Story of Newborn Twins is Adorable Despite Being About a Bloody Bag of Amniotic Fluid

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May 12 2014 11:59 AM

Story of Newborn Twins is Adorable Despite Being About a Bloody Bag of Amniotic Fluid


Akron Children's Hospital

Above: monoamniotic twin sisters, so-called because they shared a single amniotic sac, who were born in Akron last Friday to a middle-school math teacher and her husband. The Akron Children's Hospital has a nice writeup about the occasion:

Many of their conversations were difficult and unique to couples expecting monoamniotic twins, such as how long could she safely go before being confined to bedrest; how to minimize the impact of a lengthy hospital stay on their young son, really just a baby himself, without compromising the health of their unborn children; and when is the best time to deliver the babies so they don’t harm themselves but have adequate time to mature as much as possible in the womb...
The C-section delivery, performed by Dr. Mancuso and her partner Katherine Wolfe, was quick and precise, and soon 2 beautiful, almost 5-pound babies emerged and greeted the outside world.

Many people are saying that the photo above depicts the twins "holding hands," which seems a little dubious given the way newborns just grab around at everything, but still, it's a pretty cute image given that we're talking about a story about this thing.

An amniotic sac.

Wikimedia Commons

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