Roger Federer twins again: Mirka and the Fed go double times two.
Roger Federer and His Wife Just Had Another Pair of Twins
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May 6 2014 5:56 PM

Roger Federer and His Wife Mirka Just Had Their Second Set of Twins


Alexisrael / Wikimedia Commons

Leo and Lenny join a Federer clan that includes 4-year-old twin girls Charlene and Myla. Talk about Swiss efficiency! Two pregnancies, two healthy births, two sets of twins.

Jokes have been made aplenty about future Federer-clan domination of men's, women's, and mixed doubles tennis.

(Inside a laboratory deep beneath the Matterhorn, Roger Federer chuckles. "Ha ha, the jokes, yes, they are very funny. Certainly there is no generational refinement apparatus, no Federer Tennis Genome System," he says, closing a thick steel door marked with a stencil reading FEDERER TENNIS GENOME SYSTEM. "Such a thing would be beyond imagination.")

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