48 found dead in Korean ferry.
48 Found Dead in One Room of Sunken Korean Ferry
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April 25 2014 4:02 PM

48 Found Dead in One Room of Sunken Korean Ferry

Rescue efforts off the coast of South Korea.


Divers searching the sunken Sewol have found the bodies of 48 girls who died after becoming trapped in a room meant for a maximum of 30 people, CNN reports. Similar discoveries are expected to continue:

...divers are trying to find their way into another dormitory-style room where 50 girls were believed to be as the ship began to sink.
So far, rescuers have retrieved 185 bodies. Another 117 people remain missing, although no one has been rescued since 174 were plucked from ship and sea the day the ferry sank.

Investigators have not yet come to a conclusion on why the ship, now on the ocean floor 240 feet below the surface, tilted and sank. "Leading theories include changes made to increase the ferry's passenger capacity and shifting cargo," CNN says.

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