Three men BASE jump off One World Trade Center.

Watch the Epic BASE Jump Into NYC Skyline Captured by a Helmet Cam

Watch the Epic BASE Jump Into NYC Skyline Captured by a Helmet Cam

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March 25 2014 6:54 PM

Epic BASE Jump Into NYC Skyline Beautifully Captured on Film

In case you missed it—perhaps your Internet was broken—three daredevils managed to finagle their way to the top of One World Trade Center for an epic BASE jump from America’s tallest building. The video shot by one of the three men takes us all along for the 105-story freefall ride into nighttime Manhattan.

The jump, which took place in September last year, is an impressive act of bravery, or stupidity, depending on how you feel about such things. The New York Police Department, however, was not impressed. Four men were arrested for the stunt, the charges against the three jumpers, and one accomplice, include burglary, reckless endangerment and jumping from a structure, according the NYPD. The building, at the time, was still under construction and, according to police, one of the crew was working construction on the site. Police had been investigating the jump for months after two of the men were caught on surveillence cameras while landing and a search of their homes last month netted the video, which was posted on Youtube on Monday.