Oklahoma sixth-grader breaks national Girl Scout cookie sales record.
Girl Scout Breaks National Cookie Sales Record With 18,107 Boxes, Then Reveals the “Three Ingredients to the Cookie Sale”
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March 24 2014 8:52 PM

Girl Scout Breaks National Cookie Sales Record With 18,107 Boxes, Then Reveals the “Three Ingredients to the Cookie Sale”

Girl Scouts sell cookies as a winter storm moves in on February 8 in New York City.

Photo by John Moore/Getty Images

“Always be closing.” That was Alec Baldwin’s character’s mantra when it came to real estate sales in the 1992 film Glengarry Glen Ross. This week, uber-Girl Scout, sixth-grader Katie Francis, proved the same principle is pretty effective at moving Girl Scout cookies too. How effective? Well, on Sunday, the Oklahoma middle-schooler broke the organizations national record for cookie sales when her sales tally reached a whopping 18,107 boxes during the seven-week cookie hawking season. How did she do it? The answer would make Baldwin proud. "There are three ingredients to the cookie sale," Francis told local TV station KOCO. "It takes lots of time, commitment and asking everybody I see."

Here’s more from KOCO on Francis’ sales technique:

Along with her mother, Katie pushes her wagon of cookies all over the Oklahoma City metro… The family's SUV is stuffed with boxes of cookies, so Katie can make a sell anywhere from school to dance class. The "A" student loves to sing and dance, and often does both to get people's attention when she's selling cookies.

This isn’t Francis first time at the top of the Girl Scout cookie leaderboard. She was the Girl Scouts top seller last year too, with 12,438 boxes sold. Francis was able to top the previous, decades-old national record of 18,000 boxes sold with a full week left to pad her lead. What do the Girl Scouts think of Francis’ success? So far they’re being tight lipped about the achievement. “Jaimie Siegal, director of marketing and communications at Girl Scouts of Western Oklahoma, said they want to wait until the selling period is over before commenting on Francis’ success,” ABC News reports.

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