The Taliban distributes a video of a dog taken hostage in Afghanistan.
Taliban Releases Video of Military Dog Taken Hostage in Afghanistan
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Feb. 6 2014 10:43 PM

Taliban Releases Video of Military Dog Taken Hostage in Afghanistan

The Taliban released a video Thursday of what it claims is a U.S. military dog taken hostage.

Photo by ROMEO GACAD/AFP/Getty Images

The war in Afghanistan took an unusual twist on Thursday when the Taliban sent out a video of what they claimed to be an American hostage—that was also a dog. The video came via a Twitter account often used as a mouthpiece to distribute Taliban propaganda. A Taliban spokesman told the Washington Post, “the dog was captured after a long firefight between coalition forces and Taliban fighters in the Alin Nigar district of Afghanistan’s Laghman province in late December.”

“Allah gave victory to the mujahideen!” one of the fighters says in the background, according to the Post. “Down with them, down with their spies!” U.S. military officials, however, say the dog belongs to the British military, not the U.S.

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