Scott Brown-shirtless: Former Massachusetts sentor goes shirtless at New Hampshire Penguin Plunge charity event.
Scott Brown Was Shirtless on Today's Front Page of New Hampshire's Largest Newspaper
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Feb. 3 2014 2:54 PM

"Scott Brown, a Longtime Summer Resident of Rye"

Scott Brown landed himself on the front page of New Hampshire's largest newspaper on Monday

Screenshot via Newseum

That's this morning's front page of the New Hampshire Union-Leader, the Granite State's largest daily newspaper. Scott Brown, the former Massachusetts Republican senator and just-maybe future New Hampshire Republican senator, isn't mentioned in the story that accompanies the photo, but the caption represents something of coup for a politician hoping to avoid the carpetbagger label (emphasis added):

Former Mass. U.S. senator Scott Brown, a longtime summer resident of Rye, joined the Buckley's Frozen Seamen team during Sunday's 15th annual Penguin Plunge to benefit Special Olympics New Hampshire.

Front page via the Newseum. Click on the image above for a complete look at the entire page. (h/t Washington Post)

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