Broncos defeat Seahawks in Madden Super Bowl so do something else Sunday.

Spoiler Alert: Broncos Beat Seahawks in (Madden) Super Bowl

Spoiler Alert: Broncos Beat Seahawks in (Madden) Super Bowl

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Jan. 27 2014 8:15 PM

Spoiler Alert: Broncos Beat Seahawks in (Madden) Super Bowl

The introduction of the Madden 2011 football game.

Photo by Michal Czerwonka/Getty Images

Feel free to make alternative plans on Sunday. The Broncos will beat the Seahawks 31-28 in overtime in Sunday’s Super Bowl. That’s according to the results of the now yearly pre-Super Bowl grudge match played out on the video game Madden NFL 25. The simulation pits the two championship contenders against one another on the small screen (with an Xbox plugged into it).

It’s not exactly a scientific rendering of all of the potential data points, but EA Sports, the maker of the iconic Madden game, points out the game’s Nate Silver-like ability to predict the actual Super Bowl’s outcomes. “The Madden NFL Super Bowl prediction has correctly forecast 8 of the past 10 Lombardi Trophy winners, and last year accurately called Baltimore’s large lead and San Francisco’s furious comeback with the Ravens hanging on for the win,” the company said in a release.


You may not want to bet the house just yet. But, if you’d like to parse Madden’s crystal ball to see if maybe you can gain an edge, Yahoo’s Ben Silverman has a breakdown of the (video) game’s past performances. Or if you’d like to see how the video game plays out, you can check out Peyton Manning’s MVP-winning effort that lifts the Broncos in overtime.