Pew: Bosses are more satisfied with their lives than workers

Your Boss's Life is Better Than Yours

Your Boss's Life is Better Than Yours

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Jan. 9 2014 12:20 PM

It's Good To Be The Boss

Barry Diller, Chairman and Senior Executive of IAC.

Photo by KAREN BLEIER/AFP/Getty Images

Your boss’s life is better than yours. What else is new? Well, now there’s proof, care of the Pew Research Center:

Overall about eight-in-ten bosses (83%) describe themselves as “very satisfied” with their family situation. In contrast, about seven-in-ten (74%) of workers are similarly content with their home lives.
A larger labor-management gap opens when the subject turns to jobs: 69% of bosses but 48% of workers report they are very satisfied with their current position.
Bosses also are more satisfied than workers when they check their financial bottom line. Four-in-ten top managers say they are very satisfied with their financial situation. In contrast, 28% of workers have such a rosy view.

Some other characteristics of bosses? Bosses are more likely to be Republican than workers (53% vs. 37%). They are also more likely to men, white, and older – about eight years older than workers (47 vs. 39).

Interestingly, as Pew points out, bosses and workers have surprisingly similar views on gender discrimination. About half of workers and bosses believe it is easier for men than women to get jobs in business or government. About the same proportion think men are paid more than women for the same job.

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