UPS Christmas delivery delays anger online shoppers

Don't Be Mad, UPS is Trying?

Don't Be Mad, UPS is Trying?

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Dec. 25 2013 4:38 PM

Logistics Company UPS Gets Logistics Wrong on Christmas

A United Parcel Service (UPS) truck leaves the yard in Chicago, Illinois.

Photo by Frank Polich/Getty Images

The Internet hath no fury like an e-commerce shopper scorned. Thousands of Americans awoke today to less than stocked piles of presents beneath the Christmas tree thanks to UPS. The delivery company, citing “heavy holiday volume”, announced that some packages guaranteed to arrive on Christmas Day would be delayed. And what did angry customers do? What any self-respecting Internet user would do – post their grievances on Twitter and Facebook.

It is not the first time UPS, a company that prides itself on logistics, has been unable to deliver packages on time during the holiday season, via WSJ:  

But previous delays were caused by weather and other technical glitches, while this year's backlog was triggered by too many packages.
UPS had estimated its air network would handle about 7.75 million shipments on Monday, about 3.5 million of which were expected to be sorted at the company's large Louisville, Ky., hub. That site was unable to process all of the packages.

For its part, UPS says it is doing everything it can to resolve the issue. A spokesperson told CNN the company considered calling up workers to make deliveries on Christmas but decided in the end not to ask drivers to work the holiday.

Here come the Amazon drones.