A Brazilian newspaper reports Edward Snowden won’t get asylum in the country.
Report: Brazil Will Not Give Snowden Asylum
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Dec. 17 2013 8:50 PM

Report: Brazil Will Not Give Snowden Asylum

Edward Snowden is looking for asylum in Brazil.

Photo by AFPTV/AFP/Getty Images

After a day full of reports that Edward Snowden is in the market for a move to Brazil as an asylum seeker, a local Brazilian newspaper is reporting that the Brazilian government has no plans to offer the NSA leaker asylum in the country. The Brazilian Folha de S.Paulo newspaper reports, according to Reuters, “citing unnamed government officials, [that] the Brazilian government has no interest in investigating the mass Internet surveillance programs Snowden revealed in June and does not intend to give him asylum.” The report comes after Snowden wrote an open letter to Brazilians earlier on Tuesday offering to help the Brazilian government investigate the extent of US spying, in exchange for permanent political asylum. Snowden is currently living in Moscow after being granted temporary asylum that is set to expire in August.

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