Former San Diego Mayor Bob Filner sentenced to home confinement on Monday.
Former San Diego Mayor Avoids Jail Time, Sentenced to Home Confinement
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Dec. 9 2013 6:43 PM

Former San Diego Mayor Avoids Jail Time, Sentenced to Home Confinement

Former San Diego mayor Bob Filner was sentenced to home confinement by a judge on Monday.

Photo by Bill Wechter/Getty Images

Former San Diego mayor, Bob Filner, managed to avoid jail time, instead receiving three months of home confinement during a sentencing hearing on Monday. Filner, who also received three years probation, pleaded guilty to a felony charge of false imprisonment and two misdemeanor battery charges in October all the result of inappropriate sexual conduct with a series of women while in office. “In the felony case, Filner grabbed a woman in a headlock,” reports the Los Angeles Times. “In the misdemeanor cases, Filner kissed one woman and grabbed another on the buttocks.” Filner will be tracked by a GPS monitor during his home confinement.

Filner, who appeared in court on Monday, according to the San Diego Union-Tribune, “appeared rested and in good spirits at the hearing spoke briefly to the judge and apologized.”

"I want to apologize to my family who have stood by me through this ordeal, to my loyal staff and supporters, to the citizens of San Diego and, most sincerely, to the women who I have hurt and offended," he said. "To all of you I make the same promise that I made to my family, to earn back your trust and my integrity no matter how long it takes and what I have to do."

Accusations against the 10-term congressman first became public in July, but Filner remained defiant and refused to leave office. The accusations continued to mount, however, and six weeks later, facing increasing pressure to leave office, Filner resigned. In October, Filner reached a plea deal with prosecutors that barred him from running for office, mandated he seek mental health treatment, and forfeit a portion of his government pension.

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