The Rob Ford Circus Is Coming to America

Your News Companion by Ben Mathis-Lilley
Dec. 4 2013 5:13 PM

The Rob Ford Circus Is Coming to America

Rob Ford watches a Toronto Blue Jays game.

Photo by Tom Szczerbowski/Getty Images

The Rob Ford juggernaut continues. Toronto’s Mayor—who now needs no introduction—having been stripped of most of his actual legislative authority apparently has a bit more time on his hands these days. To fill the Rob Ford-less vacuum of political absurdity, the mayor is taking his A-game south to America joining the Washington, DC-based radio show the “Sports Junkies.” Ford’s slated to debut on Thursday morning on the show to talk NFL football.

Rob Ford being Rob Ford, Paul Farhi at the Washington Post points out, the station is taking a cautious approach to his first appearance, saying he is “tentatively scheduled” to phone in to the show. Ford is set to be a regular on the show as a weekly contributor, but the station is, again, taking baby steps on that front too. “For now, a weekly segment has not been approved.  But if all goes well Thursday, an agreement on a recurring segment could be reached,” according to the station. The definition of “if all goes well” is obviously open to interpretation.

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