Ron Burgundy Hosts a (Real) Local News Broadcast

Your News Companion by Ben Mathis-Lilley
Dec. 2 2013 5:40 PM

Ron Burgundy Hosts a (Real) Local News Broadcast

Stay classy, Bismarck.

Photo by KXMB TV Bismarck via Getty Images

In a case of, well, life imitating art imitating life, on Saturday night, Ron Burgundy (a.k.a. the “Anchorman”), climbed behind the anchor’s desk to do the news. The iconic (fictitious) news anchor, played by Will Farrell, left the (equally fictitious) KVWM news team behind in San Diego and headed to a slightly smaller market—KXMB in Bismarck, North Dakota.

The Saturday evening broadcast was real live local news with Ron Burgundy serving as co-anchor.

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