Texas House Party Shooting: Police now pursuing "multiple gang" theory

That Texas "Birthday Party Gone Wild" May Have Actually Been a Gang Shootout

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Nov. 13 2013 2:45 PM

That "Birthday Party Gone Wild" May Have Actually Been a Gang Shootout

We told you Monday about the shooting at a "birthday party gone wild" that left two Houston-area high school students dead and at least 20 more injured. Police had charged 21-year-old Willie Young with deadly conduct, but he was released Tuesday after investigators developed a new theory. The Houston Chronicle with the details:

Authorities now say they believe there were multiple shooters, multiple guns, and multiple gangs involved the Cypress area house party, attended by scores of high schoolers. "It was a melee, and people were running for their lives," said Harris County Assistant District Attorney Katherine McDaniel.
The description contradicted initial reports in which Harris County Sheriff Adrian Garcia said that someone pulled a pistol and fired one celebratory shot into the air, prompting another person to spontaneously shoot into the crowd.

The other man charged Monday, Randy Stewart, remains in police custody on an aggravated assault charge. Police say Stewart and one of the students killed, Qu'eric Danarius Bernard Richardson, knew each other, but that it is "likely" that someone other than Stewart shot Richardson. Police say they believe there are at least two other suspects still at-large.

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