Eleven Colorado counties will vote on seceding from the state on Tuesday.
Northern Colorado Counties Set to Vote on Secession Tuesday
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Nov. 4 2013 9:23 PM

Northern Colorado Counties Set to Vote on Secession Tuesday

People walking in Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado.

Photo by Kevin Moloney/Getty Images

Six states are headed to the polls on Tuesday to make their voices heard on a number of state issues, from minimum wage to marijuana, and then there are the 11 counties of Colorado who are voting to decide if they even want to be part of Colorado at all. The call for the northern counties to secede isn’t all that unusual anymore, as disgruntled pockets of different states try to voice their displeasure with the direction things are headed in the state capital. In Colorado’s case, the state’s rural northern counties see Denver “as a foreign land with which they share little in common,” the Denver Post reports.

How likely is it to happen? Even if with a majority vote in the counties, not very likely, says the Wall Street Journal.

Secession would require approval from Congress as well as support from the local electorate. It would also require approval from the politicians the area is rebelling against in the Colorado legislature, where the idea hasn't gained much traction, even among elected officials representing northeastern Colorado.

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