Chihuahua Air Show: Monster truck kills at least 13 in Mexico.
Monster Truck Kills At Least 13 in Mexico
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Oct. 6 2013 1:29 PM

Monster Truck Kills At Least 13 in Mexico


A monster truck went straight into a crowd of spectators during an air show in Chihuahua, Mexico, on Saturday killing at least 13 people, according to Mexican newspaper El Universal. Reuters, which puts the death toll at eight, says there were at least three children among the fatalities. Around 80 people were injured, and around 70 of them remained hospitalized Sunday, reports the Associated Press. It seems the driver lost control of the monster truck after leaping over some cars, as can be seen in amateur video from the event.

There were reports from witnesses that the driver’s helmet came off and then he hit his head on the inside of the truck as he drove on top of smaller cars. The monster truck’s tires were nearly 5 feet high, according to the BBC. The annual three-day air show was cancelled after the accident that took place on the second day.  

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