Stacey Rambold-G. Todd Baugh: Montanta man convicted of raping student to be freed after 30 day sentence.
Ex-Teacher Convicted of Raping Student Set to Be Released Today
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Sept. 26 2013 10:52 AM

Ex-Teacher Convicted of Raping Student Set to Be Released Today

Judge G. Todd Baugh has faced a public backlash following his comments during the sentencing hearing

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Here's a quick update to a story we highlighted earlier this month: Stacey Rambold, the 54-year-old former teacher who was convicted of raping a 14-year-old student, is scheduled to be released from a Montana prison today after serving his 30-day sentence. 

If Rambold's name doesn't ring a bell, his remarkably light sentence probably will. It prompted national outrage and protests for being too lenient, and sparked calls for the sentencing judge, G. Todd Baugh, to resign over his comments suggesting that Rambold's teenage victim was "older than her chronological age" and "as much in control of the situation" as her rapist was.


After initially defending those comments, Baugh eventually apologized for them and later attempted to schedule a sentencing do-over—something that was blocked by the state supreme court. The prosecution's appeal of Rambold's sentence is still winding its way through the Montana court system and is expected to take anywhere between six and 18 months before it's decided.

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