Man sneaks aboard German chancellor's plane and has a one man party until arrested

Alone On A Plane, What Would You Do?

Alone On A Plane, What Would You Do?

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Aug. 21 2013 8:32 PM

Bodybuilder Sneaks Aboard German Leader’s Jet, Stages One Man Rave

German Chancellor Angela Merkel (R) disembarks from a plane as she arrives at Belfast International airport in Belfast, Northern Ireland.

Photo by PETER MUHLY/AFP/Getty Images

The idea of partying on your own private plane is a common enough fantasy. But, in Germany, one man took that dream to a whole new level by sneaking aboard a plane used by German Chancellor Angela Merkel and then proceeding to live the dream.

According to the German newspaper Der Spiegel, the 24-year-old thrill-seeker named Volker T., slipped past German security forces at a military section of the Cologne airport. With a bag of marijuana and ecstasy pills in tow, Volker was able to climb aboard the government plane through the (open) cockpit door. Once in the plane, he did what anyone who’s ever been 10-years-old would have done: he, reportedly, “stripped down to his underpants, sprayed fire extinguisher foam around the elegant cream and beige interior, pushed buttons in the cockpit, released an inflatable emergency slide and danced on the wing of the Airbus 319.”


The incident, which took place on July 25th, was first reported last month, but has turned heads thanks to a police report leaked to German newspapers. While playing with the cockpit buttons, Volker inadvertently set off an alarm notifying military officials of the intrusion. It then took them four hours to get Volker off the plane and into custody.