Bill Henningsgaard: Former Microsoft executive was pilot in Connecticut plane crash.

Former Microsoft Exec Was Pilot in Conn. Crash

Former Microsoft Exec Was Pilot in Conn. Crash

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Aug. 10 2013 12:57 PM

Former Microsoft Exec Was Pilot of Plane That Crashed Into Connecticut Homes, Killing 4

Four bodies have been pulled out of the site where a small airplane crashed into two homes in East Haven, Connecticut Friday. "We were able to pull four bodies from the plane and one of the homes," East Haven Fire Department Assistant Chief Chuck Licata said. The pilot of the plane was former Microsoft executive Bill Henningsgaard, who was taking his son, Maxwell, on a tour of East Coast colleges, reports Reuters. Maxwell, his son, was also found dead. Sadie Brantley, 13, and 1-year-old Madisyn Mitchell were in one of the homes and were also found dead, reports the Hartford Courant. The mother of the two children was also at home but managed to survive. The other home that was damaged in the crash was empty.

This wasn’t Henningsgaard’s first plane crash. The man who worked at Microsoft for 14 years had previously crash-landed his plane in April 2009 into a river after the engine stopped working. He and his 84-year-old mother were rescued by a passing boat, reports the Associated Press.

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