Royal Baby Cam: Media waits for first sight of Will and Kate's new son.

Behold the Absurd Royal Baby Cam

Behold the Absurd Royal Baby Cam

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July 23 2013 12:17 PM

Behold the Absurd Royal Baby Cam, Providing Live Coverage of Two Bobbies Milling About

Now that the world knows that Kate Middleton, aka the Duchess of Cambridge, has given birth to a healthy baby boy we can all pack it in and declare mission accomplished, right? Wait, what? Oh, you all want to actually see this royal child with your own eyes? OK, but be prepared to wait. CNN reports that Will and Kate are expected to give the world its first peek at the new prince as they make their way from the hospital to their waiting car, but exactly when that will happen remains very much unknown to anyone without blue blood at the moment.

But those of you afraid that somehow all the reporters who've been camped out for days will forget to actually snap a picture or record video when the big moment actually does come need not fret. Behold, the Royal Baby Cam! (A live feed that right now may be better described as the Two Bobbies Standing Outside a Hospital Cam.)


Of course, the other option would be to wait the 13 seconds it will take for the first photos and video to make it on to Twitter and Facebook. But, really, your call. (Although I recommend tuning it for at least a few seconds to hear the chatter of what sounds like some punch-drunk journalists who have been standing around for longer than they can remember.)

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