Guardian's Republican-Royalist option: News of Will and Kate's offspring sneaks through British filter.

Not Even the Guardian's "Republican" Blinders Will Let You Avoid Royal-Baby News

Not Even the Guardian's "Republican" Blinders Will Let You Avoid Royal-Baby News

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July 22 2013 10:17 AM

Not Even the Guardian's "Republican" Blinders Will Let You Avoid Royal-Baby News Today

As the comment section of this (or any other post dealing with the royal baby) will likely prove: Today, the day the Duchess of Cambridge is in labor at a London hospital, the Internet is made up of two types of people. There are those who are interested in the news of Britain's likely future king or queen, and those who want no part of the media circus that is dominating the news cycle in the United States and United Kingdom. Unfortunately for those of you who count yourself among the latter group, there are few places to hide from the soon-to-be newest member of Britain's royal family—and the Internet certainly isn't one of them.

Enter the U.K.'s Guardian, which is offering readers a chance to put on royal blinders in the form of a "Republican" button on its homepage that, in theory anyway, filters out all references to Will, Kate and the rest of the royal clan. Here it is in action, first up the Guardian homepage you'll see upon arriving at the site:


And then what happens if you opt for the Republican option by clicking the toggle in the upper right hand corner. (For those unfamiliar with the term as used in Britain, it generally describes those who support a republic or representative-based form of government without a monarch as its head; it doesn't refer to the U.S. political party of the same name):


Of course, if you scroll down a little further you'll see that there truly is no escaping Prince William and the Duchess of Cambridge's offspring on this day. Declaring yourself a Republican as opposed to a Royalist will spare you headlines like "Royal birth poses style challenge" but it still won't create a monarch-free world. (Royal baby stories are also dominating the site's Most Viewed and Latest boxes.)


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