Zimmerman updates: Defense rests without accused taking the stand.

Defense Rests Without Zimmerman Taking the Stand

Defense Rests Without Zimmerman Taking the Stand

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July 10 2013 3:51 PM

Defense Rests Without Zimmerman Taking the Stand

Defense attorney Mark O'Mara, left, and George Zimmerman shake hands at the start of day 18 of Zimmerman's trial in Seminole circuit court, July 3, 2013 in Sanford, Florida

Photo by Jacob Langston-Pool/Getty Images

And the defense rests, via the Orlando Sentinel:

As George Zimmerman's defense team wrapped up its case, the defendant in 17-year-old Trayvon Martin's shooting said this afternoon he will not testify in the second-degree murder trial.
Minutes ago, the defense just called its last witness: Robert Zimmerman Sr., the defendant's father, testified briefly. Zimmerman Sr. said that he's sure the voice heard screaming in a 911 call before the fatal shot was his son. Before Zimmerman Sr., the defense called Olivia Bertalan, a former Zimmerman neighbor who was the victim of a home invasion by two young African American males several months before the Feb. 26, 2012, shooting.

Zimmerman's team opened its defense this past Friday after the prosecution rested. The state, however, plans to call rebuttal witnesses, so the closing statements will need to wait for at least a bit longer, most likely until tomorrow. Slate's Crime columnist Justin Peters has been keeping tabs on the case. His preliminary conclusion based on what we've heard so far: Zimmerman is probably going to walk—and that’s not a bad thing.

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