Texas abortion bill: State lawmakers inch closer to passage of bill Wendy Davis blocked.

Texas GOP Inches Closer to Passing Abortion Bill

Texas GOP Inches Closer to Passing Abortion Bill

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July 9 2013 1:31 PM

The Texas GOP Is Inching Closer to Passing the Abortion Bill Wendy Davis Derailed

It lacks the drama of Wendy Davis' (mostly) one-woman show from last month, but those interested in watching the Texas GOP's slow and steady march to passing its sweeping abortion restrictions can watch the House live-stream below.

Gov. Rick Perry wasted little time last month scheduling the special session to give his party a second chance to push through the new abortion legislation after Davis and her allies managed to derail the first effort in dramatic fashion on the last day of the previous session.


Republicans have a clear majority in both chambers of the state house, so passage this time around appears all but certain now that the GOP is taking precautions to move the bill well before their next 30-day deadline. The GOP has suggested they'll finish the job within the next week or two. According to the Dallas Morning News, the House will likely pass its version first, and then send it to the Senate for final passage. When that happens, however, it won't be the last we'll hear of the bill (which is expected to be challenged in federal court) or Davis (who turned into an overnight hero in the eyes of liberals).

For more coverage of the Lone Star State's abortion debate, head on over to the Texas Tribune, which has been all over the legislative fight—and surrounding public protests—from the outset.

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