Edward Snowden Missing: NSA Leaker Edward Snowden Missing From Flight From Russia To Cuba

Where in The World Is Edward Snowden?

Where in The World Is Edward Snowden?

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June 24 2013 10:10 AM

Edward Snowden Wasn't on His Flight to Cuba—but Dozens of Journalists Were

A woman walks past a banner displayed in support of former US spy Edward Snowden in Hong Kong on June 18, 2013

Photo by Philippe Lopez/AFP/Getty Images

Edward Snowden has made a change of plans to his travel itinerary—he did not board the Monday morning flight from Moscow to Havana that he was scheduled to be on. The news came this morning when Max Seddon, the Moscow correspondent for the Associated Press, tweeted out the following:

This type of switcheroo shouldn’t be too much of a surprise coming from a fugitive on the run from espionage charges. However, Snowden’s absence has also left quite a few journalists who were chasing after him stranded on board a flight to Cuba together.


According to the New York Times, "a large number of the passengers were journalists trailing Mr. Snowden on the Russia-to-Cuba leg of his extraordinary odyssey, which began early Sunday when he fled his hideout in Hong Kong. Several journalists carrying American passports were ejected from the aircraft because of visa requirements to visit Cuba."

Look at it this way, at least all those journalist have a 12-hour flight to get to know each other better and concoct more theories about where Snowden is and how he got there. Perhaps the worst part, though, is that the flight is a dry one, so there won’t be any booze to drown the humiliation and frustration—which at this point in their trip must be thick.

Jathan Sadowski is a graduate student studying applied ethics and the human and social dimensions of science and technology at Arizona State University.