Shannon Richardson: Texas TV actress charged in ricin letters case.

Texas TV Actress Arrested for Ricin Letters

Texas TV Actress Arrested for Ricin Letters

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June 8 2013 11:34 AM

Texas TV Actress who Tried to Frame Husband Arrested for Sending Ricin Letters

A screengrab from the suspect's IMDB page

It’s a “bizarre case of marital conflict crossing with bioterrorism,” points out the Associated Press. On Friday, a pregnant woman who had initially accused her estranged husband of mailing ricin-laced letters to President Obama and New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg was arrested and charged in the case. Shannon Richardson, an actress who has played bit roles in shows such as Walking Dead and Vampire Diaries first told the FBI her husband was to blame. But officials began to get suspicious of the actress, also known as Shannon Guess and Shannon Rogers, when a polygraph found her to be “deceptive,” according to court documents cited by CNN.

The arrest came two weeks after Richardson approached the FBI to say she suspected her husband, Nathaniel Richardson, had mailed the letters last month. But after digging a little bit, officials discovered Nathaniel Richardson was at work when the letters were printed and mailed. The husband’s attorney insists Shannon Richardson was trying to set up his client, who is now officially seeking a divorce. Her court-appointed attorney insists Shannon Richardson never intended to harm anyone, reports the AP.

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