Obama speech mix-up: No, the president didn't "snap" at staffers at Calf

Obama Jokes About Remarks Mix-Up. Internet Freaks Out.

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June 7 2013 2:23 PM

Obama Jokes About Remarks Mix-Up. Internet Freaks Out.

The president was in San Jose this morning, where he spoke about the implementation of Obamacare and took a pair of questions about the the government's controversial surveillance programs that have come to light this week. But before he did either, he and his staff had a little mix-up. "I think there's only one problem and that is my remarks are not sitting here," Obama said upon taking the podium, before jokingly shouting, "People!"

As you'll see in the video below, the president was smiling when he delivered the line, and the room reacted with laughter. Naturally, some saw things just a bit differently. A small sampling from around the Internet:


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