Norm Karkos-Robert McDonough: Missing man wanders into frame of local TV station reporting on his story.

Missing Man Wanders Into TV Report About Himself

Missing Man Wanders Into TV Report About Himself

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May 29 2013 2:50 PM

Watch as the Subject of a Missing-Person Story Wanders Into the Frame

The man you see in the foreground of the video below is Norm Karkos, a reporter for Maine's WMTW News 8 who was in the field yesterday morning for a story about Robert McDonough, a 73-year-old local man with dementia who had gone missing the day before. The gentleman you see in the background wandering into the frame while the camera rolls? Yep, McDonough himself, apparently unhurt and unaware that his absence had prompted authorities to launch a 14-hour search, complete with canine units.

"Sometimes timing is everything," Karkos says on-camera as the rather bizarre scene played out. "Good news and a happy ending. The gentleman behind us is Robert McDonough."


(h/t the Internet at large; Kottke in specific.)

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