Akein Scott Arrested In New Orleans By Police

NOLA Parade Shooting Suspect Arrested

NOLA Parade Shooting Suspect Arrested

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May 16 2013 10:56 AM

Mother's Day Parade Shooter Arrested After Being Caught on Surveillance Camera

A man, who police IDed as Aikein Scott, is captured on security footage at the New Orleans parade

The suspected gunman in the Mother's Day parade shooting, 19-year-old Akein Scott, has finally been apprehended after being on the run for three days. According to authorities, Scott was arrested on Wednesday night in the Little Woods neighborhood of eastern New Orleans.

Scott, who was booked on 20 counts of attempted second-degree murder, is scheduled to have his first court appearance this morning. He was identified by authorities after surveillance footage and stills of the incident were released to the public.
It's worth noting that the teenager has a history of arrests, including a March arrest for illegally carrying a weapon while in possession of narcotics which resulted in a $15,000 bail. Scott went free on bail in late April.

More information is set to follow from the New Orleans Police Department later today, but for now, the details are pretty scarce. Any possible motives for the shooting—which wounded 19 people on Sunday—are still unknown, and authorities haven't publicly identified any other suspects at this time.