MIT Shooting: Officer shot on MIT campus.

Officer Shot on MIT Campus Near Boston

Officer Shot on MIT Campus Near Boston

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April 19 2013 12:13 AM

Officer Shot and Killed on MIT Campus Near Boston

MIT shooting
Police investigate the scene where a Massachusetts Institute of Technology campus police officer was shot and killed at the camous on April 18, 2013.

Photo by Mario Tama/Getty Images

CAMBRIDGE, Mass.—After spending the day reporting on the Boston Marathon bombing, I was on my way to grab a drink when I saw cop cars speeding in the direction of MIT. Here’s what happened, according to the MIT Emergency Information site: “At 10:48 PM today gunshots were reported near Building 32 (Stata) which is currently surrounded by responding agencies. The area is cordoned off. Please stay clear of area until further notice.”

The Middlesex District Attorney's Office has confirmed that an MIT officer who was shot on campus has died.


Here is a press release from the DA's office, via the Boston Globe:

Massachusetts State Police and Cambridge Police are investigating a fatal shooting this evening in Cambridge, Middlesex Acting District Attorney Michael Pelgro and Cambridge Police Commissioner Robert Haas announced this evening.

An MIT campus police officer responding to a report of a disturbance in the area of Vasser and Main streets was reportedly shot. According to authorities, the officer was found evidencing multiple gunshot wounds. He was transported to the hospital and pronounced deceased.

Authorities launched an immediate investigation into the circumstances of the shooting.

There are no other victims. No arrests have been made. The investigation remains ongoing.

I can confirm that the area surrounding the Stata Center is cordoned off. There are at least 30 police cars here and cops are pushing reporters back. Helicopters are circling overhead and police dogs are sniffing all of the trash cans in the courtyard behind the Stata Center.

As the night goes on, the police are closing off more and more streets and searching the area with flashlights. Earlier in the evening, I asked an officer on the scene if everything was OK. In a grim voice, he responded, “Not exactly.”