Pope Benedict's Retirement: Ex-pope spent first hours watching TV about his retirement.

What His Holiness Did on His First Night of Retirement

What His Holiness Did on His First Night of Retirement

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March 1 2013 10:28 AM

His Holiness Spent His First Night of Retirement Watching Himself on Television

A banner bearing the Papal Seal is unfurled before Pope Benedict XVI waves to pilgrims, for the last time as head of the Catholic Church, from the window of Castel Gandolfo where he began his retirement Thursday

Photo by Oli Scarff/Getty Images

Australia's AAP with the details:

Benedict XVI has begun his life of retirement by watching a bit of television, getting a good night's sleep and reciting the rosary, the Vatican says, a day after his resignation.
After bidding the faithful a final emotional farewell on Thursday, the Pope had dinner and then watched television news broadcasts about his departure. "He really appreciated the coverage," spokesman Federico Lombardi said on Friday, adding: "A Pope can also appreciate good media work in his heart."

The man formerly known as the pope also spent part of the night reading and in prayer, much as he likely will do for his remaining days, first at the Castel Gandolfo and later back at the Vatican. It may not sound like the most exciting life, but remember that the man is 85. Also that the Castel Gandolfo is rather swanky, as the word "castel" would imply.

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