Sarah Palin-Harvard-Al Jazeera: Daily Courant website attempts to make news with Palin parodies.

Two Jobs That Sarah Palin Definitely Doesn't Have

Two Jobs That Sarah Palin Definitely Doesn't Have

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Feb. 20 2013 11:22 AM

Two Jobs That Sarah Palin Definitely Doesn't Have

Sarah Palin in 2012
Sarah Palin in 2012

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By this point, most people know what to do immediately when they stumble across a headline that seems too good to be true: Check to make sure it's not from the Onion. Reporters on the Sarah Palin beat should probably add a second outlet to that list: the Daily Currant, a lesser-known satirical website.

The parody site appears to be fooling at least a few people on Twitter this morning with its latest Palin story, one that declares that the ex-Fox News talking head is heading to Harvard, where she'll serve as a visiting scholar at the university's Kennedy School of Government starting in the fall.


Fortunately, the fake doesn't appear to have tricked any actual real-life reporters this time around. But it's worth taking a quick second to debunk it given the Daily Currant's last Palin parody fooled a Washington Post blogger, something it was sure to trumpet this time around: "Palin's new role as a professor will finally put to rest the rumors, first reported in the Washington Post, that she would be joining Al-Jazeera as a on-air commentator."

So to recap: No, Palin isn't joining Al-Jazeera. And, no, she isn't heading to Harvard either.

Correction: An earlier version of this post misspelled the name of the Daily Currant.

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