Scott Brown won't run for John Kerry's Senate seat, according to reports.

Reports: Scott Brown Won't Run for Kerry's Seat

Reports: Scott Brown Won't Run for Kerry's Seat

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Feb. 1 2013 1:13 PM

Surprise: Scott Brown Won't Run for Kerry's Seat

Scott Brown
Scott Brown

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Some pretty surprising news out of the Bay State, via the Washington Post:

Former Massachusetts Republican senator Scott Brown will not run in the special election for outgoing Democratic Sen. John Kerry’s seat, according to a Republican source familiar with his plans.

The Associated Press is also reporting the same thing. Assuming the reports are true, and they certainly appear to be, that means that the seat in dark-blue Massachusetts is all but certain to remain in Democratic hands. Rep. Ed Markey is seen as the current odds-on favorite to win his party's nomination, which would likely set him up for an easy ride in the general election against whoever Republicans find to replace Brown in the race.

The special election is set for June 25. The winner will finish out the remainder of Kerry's term, but will have to face re-election next year. Obviously, Brown could run again then, but given his track record, it would appear that a special election represents his best bet to return to the Senate. Politico is already speculating that Brown may have his eye on running for Massachusetts governor next year.

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