Six Men Arrested in India After New Bus Rape
Six Arrested in India After New Bus Rape
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Jan. 13 2013 1:35 PM

Six Men Arrested in India After New Bus Rape

Indian police display the six men who have been accused of a gang rape in Punjab state

Photo by STRDEL/AFP/Getty Images

In an incident that bears a grim resemblance to the deadly sexual attack that shocked India and the world last month, Indian police say they have arrested six suspects thought to have been involved in a gang rape of a bus passenger. A 29-year-old woman appears to have been the only passenger on a bus in the northwestern state of Punjab Friday night when the driver refused to stop at her village. Instead, the driver and conductor took her to an isolated spot, where they were joined by five other men, who raped her throughout the night. They dropped the victim off at her village early Saturday morning, reports CNN, noting that a manhunt for the seventh man was underway Sunday.

"They threatened me with a sharp edged weapon and did wrong things with me," the victim told CNN-IBN. "They kept me confined all through the night and forced me to do what they want."


The victim didn’t need hospitalization, so the attack was at least less brutal than the incident last month that ended up killing the 23-year-old physiotherapy student. Yet considering it even took place at all so soon after the deadly rape that sparked protests across the country illustrates how “criminals think they can get away with it,” as one expert tells the Associated Press.

In yet another horrific incident, a woman who was traveling in a train bound for New Delhi was gang-raped and killed when she jumped out in between stops. A group of “inebriated people” dragged the 32-year-old victim to a “nearby mango orchard” where she was gang-raped and hung from a tree late on Saturday, reports the Times of India.

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